1 September 2009

things i cannot tahan.

Just have the urge to post something like this. so here goes.

Things I cannot tahan

1. feet. I cannot look at other people's bare feet because I find them really really horrifying, especially those really dry and wrinkled ones.

2. people breaking promises. Seriously I don't understand one's mentality of making a promise and then not doing it, might as well not promising at the first place, right?

3. people that complains they have no money then the next thing you know they shows up with a brand new shirt from some branded shop. well, then why complain you have no money at the first place?

4. repeating myself too much. It's really annoying.

5. people that don't wear fitting shoes, or shoes that's too small for their feet. Seriously. either these people are living in denial or they desperately need a new pair of shoes or they're just blind for not realising how ugly it looks when their toes are sticking out. *gross*

6. people making weird noises in public area. Noises as in sounds that you make when you suck in between your teeth, and etc. I remember once being in the LRT and this man (or was it a woman)was making that weird noise and he/she was standing right next to me. I had to shift place cuz it was too irritating.

7. people that don't take things seriously.

8. people who takes things too seriously.

9. people who don't learn. when we tell you that sentence has grammatical error, thank us and improve, or simply us and walk away. don't say that u like pronouncing it wrongly. shows that your stupid.

10. dirty hair. I don't know why I just get disgusted. then again, who won't?

11. Events invites on facebook about ladies night, martiny night, blue night, pink night, your underwear night. I don't club. thank you.

12. people who thinks that they can sing. but they can't.

13. all the notifications on my facebook homepage about the quizes you take. how hot are you, how smart are you, how horny are you, who do you look like, where do you live, when do you die. please. go to a fortune teller. more accurate and less irritating.

14. people answering phones in the cinema like their at home. c'mon, where's your manners man? other people want to watch the movie too.

15. idiots who kick people's chair in the cinema, or shake their legs behind your seat (which u can feel everything). dude, this is not the coffee shop. and go kick something else not my seat.

16. people who answer a question with another question. example. tmr you what time your class? "why?" Just answer me la. "you tell me first la" It's for the event. "what's with the event?".... -.-

so what's your list of things you cannot tahan?

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