20 August 2009


Sorry for the bimbotic statement but damnit I NEED to shop.
I'm really not those girls that shop to release stress (eventho I look like one) and what not, and to be honest, I haven't been shopping for myself for a pretty long time. =(
The last time I bought baju for myself was like the day before PC fair in Mid Valley to buy that shorts needed for work. And I only got another 2 for rm16 bucks baju from FOS. That was like the only time in months since I shop. OMG how sad can I be?
Sherree PLEASE bring me out to shop OMG. Drag me out of this stupid house if you need!
I need cheap nice clothes that is not collared or tank top. Fuck tank tops I'm so sick of them.

Gosh I sooo need to buy something nice for myself, but all I can think of now is that where to bring my cousins and brother to makan next Thursday when I bring them out. =(

I just wana go shopping OMG please let me go shopping damnit!

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