12 July 2009

Of Cindy, Jason and Time Management

Some might have heard that I’m doing a video shoot for some friends in college for about three weeks now… I’m playing a character by the name of Cindy… I think I’ve started to love the character Cindy and learnt so much more about her, and, have started to envy her life. She is one of the mastermind of the whole drama in this movie, dramatic, yes but at least she is the one controlling the drama and not otherwise.

Jason is the main character in the film, of course, and he fell in love with Cindy only after two days knowing her. Yes it’s damn illogical and stuff I know, but the more I shoot for this film, the more I wish I have someone like Jason, that would love you so much that he would do anything for you, for no reason at all. Love is not something that can be explained so I guess it’s not that illogical for Jason for fall in love after all. Secretly, I wished I could live in films and not here.

From this shooting, I guess I’ve learnt the importance of time management and how it makes and break the whole plan… Remember how we use to learn from our teachers in school about how to learn from your mistakes? I totally agreed with it… One should learn from its first mistake and not the third or the fourth, and never ever push the blame on others. Not those who have worked with you and made the plan happen and definitely not those who are there to give you a hand. I believe in appreciation and gratitude. I believe that the results of you tell your workers how glad you have them there to assist you than commanding them to do work would be really different. I always believe one should always show appreciation to those around you, especially to those who voluntarily gave you a helping hand.

I guess this time was a mistake. Not only I lose time to complete my already pilling assignment and got really angry during the process, I also jeopardized my 16months relationship. I wonder how much more stupid can I get?

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LexieCharalle said...

all will heal. trust me. :) im always here. dun feel the slightest guilt if u need me k.


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