1 May 2009

Photo frames

There's this shop in IOI mall where everything is RM5. =)
It's not like those lousy two ringgit Hinode shop you find everywhere but everything is this shop is imported from Japan (but made in China).
Well, what the heck, the japanese words on the packaging already make it look expensive so its okay. *Owh Sherree I wanted to get you the eyelashes you talked about but I scare I got the wrong one.*

Not everything is worth it la so must choose carefully.
Bought two Ikea look-a-like photo frames and guess what?
It's only RM10..... wait for it.... FOR BOTH!
How cool is that. =)

I love photo frames.
You know how we use to say we hate getting photo frames for birthdays because the person like so babi only give photo frame.

"Eh dono what to give is it hah why cincai gimme rubbish hah!Now I shall repack the photo frame and give it to the next sucker muahaha!Die sucker Die!"

Well, not for me.
I love love photo frame. You can gimme a hundred of them and I'll take em all. (because more empty frames to fill means more excuse to camwhore woot woot!)
but pls, give quality wan la dude.

I've once received a plastic photo frame which is now still on my table after 8 years. Damn I hate it cuz its sooooo plastic but I didnt have alot of photo frame then so keep only lo. Now I lazy to throw la.

Anyone? PLASTIC snoopy photo frame teeheehee. I give for free no extra COD charge required but if u wana tip me also ok cuz i dont mind but its ok la if u dowan cuz its an ugly frame i give away also nvm (try reading in one breath, so funny). =p

Now, what should I put on my new frames? I know.
My (SUPER) hot pictures.

P/s: how people put the love shape thingy ar? I want la so cute.


kim-chan said...

hahah waaa if like that, I should find the cute and rare punya photo frame for you.
Or maybe, I should make a hand-made version for you? XD but if ugly and u dun like it, I will feel sad...hahaha

Didn't know you really love photo frames. Yeah I agree that ppl dun like it to be their birthday presents XDDDDD They will think that is "last minute' present HAHAHA~~

too bad I dun really have nice photos to frame up so I dun really like photo frames? hmmm hmm hmm.....

What is the name of that shop in IOI mall?

SHINGYEE said...

Hahaha.. Wad a LOOOOOOOOOOONG comment.. cute la you Kim.. haha... The shop is called Daiso, in the new wing of IOI mall.. =p
I think I'm going again on this thursday.. wan anything? =p
I'm gonna buy more frames.. =D

min kim said...

hahaha that was looooooooooooooong comment? Then a then a....=/ I make it longer more now HAHAHAHA~~~me cute? No, you more cute heheheh ^^
That's why I sayang you now XD XD Tralalalal~ this thursday? Awh, talking about that day, we will be facing Mr Low, not Mr Loong for photography grrrrr....

Hmm, Daiso? Why so familiar wan..is it got sell Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll stuffs too?! I want Cinnamoroll's stuff =(
HAHAHA *I mad again =p*

Waa..I cannot imagine how you put your photo frames in your room....if have study table then okay....maybe at some almari?...LOL....

okay...comment long enough? LOL

SHINGYEE said...

LOL. you veli the farnee la Kimmy. ahaha... No wor the place is like a kedai runcit sells everything from kitchen ware to household goods and make ups. =D

Owh yea your classes are half loong and half Low.. hahah... Low is going to teach editing ar? hahaha

kim-chan said...

Me, farney Kim! XD XD XD

Eh...got sold make-ups also?cool wei that place hahahaha

yup, half loong and half Low...X_X you were too?? Why must Low for editting wor...LOL why cannot be YOU! HAHHAHAHAHA


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