3 April 2009

A mixture of everything

It feels like forever since I blogged and I'm feeling extremely uneasy for leaving my blog unattended. I guess if I am to leave it a little longer you can literally see spiders crawling all over. =p
Now, you won't want that, don't you? =)

A tad update on my current status, well, beside no need to wake up everyday 6am in the morning, I actually misses working life. =(
Guess it's just human's nature to only miss something when it's not there anymore. Gosh I suddenly misses the Indian rice and stuff. =p
I know some people would wana kill me by now since they are getting SOOO sick of the food around that area. =p

Nothing much is happening, I won't blog about earth hour because everyone else already did (talk about boring-ness, like wtf) and nothing about politics today.
i wana free my tiny brain for a day.
Gimme a break dudes! stop asking me what I think about Najib-the-current-PM-who-just-sworn-in-today just because I worked in a cool alternate media place okay! =p

I'm sure some of you would have notice that annoying popping up thingy that pops up on the right corner, I have absolutely no idea of wtf it is, I just leave it there hoping it would bring me more hits and nuffnang would pay me more.
Talk about desperateness for money!

Gah, I'm acting a wee bit weird with all the bitchy slang and stuff, but whatever. =)
Here is a tip I find useful for those who want to go over to U.S to further their studies. It's an article my fellow colleague Gabrielle wrote (blardy inspiring piece OK I wanted to go states already now).
Just read it la. =)

Btw, it's a mere 11 days to the BIG day! =) I'm happy and can't wait for that day to come.
I just got my Sakae Sushi card which mean I'll get 20% off the whole bill on my bday week, sushi anyone? =)

There! blurbs and all in one short and cute post.
1 mission completed and a whole lot on my waiting list.
I'm sure sleeping comes next.
Till next time! Ciao!

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