4 March 2009

Guys, bad news for u

I should have posted this up earlier, haha.
Oral and Anal sex is illegal FYI. Yes my fellow good friends, it is ILLEGAL... and why I say bad news for guys?

well.. just continue reading muahaha...

"Under sections 377(A) and 377(B) of the Penal Code, anyone who commits "carnal intercourse against the order of nature" by inserting the penis into the mouth or anus of another person is liable to whipping and imprisonment of up to 20 years. "

See what I told you, its illegal.

"However, the code only affects the male person who is penetrating another person, while the male or female person whose mouth or anus is penetrated will not be subject to any form of penalty. "

*points at guys and laugh* hahaahahha...
*falls on the floor*

"Under section 377(C) of the Penal Code, anyone who commits the same act without the consent of the other person is liable to the same penalty, with the exception that he or she will be subjected to a minimum of five years in jail."

Guys, if you want your girlfriend (s) to give you a blowjob, think twice... hahahaha


X said...

but but but.....its gooooood....
hahaha *sigh*T.T

nvm next tyme will do it secretly while the partner asleep...hoho
*sick mind* >;P

Baby said...

we dun do such thing

LexieCharalle said...

hahahaha. points at guys and laugh. but they creat this ruling now ppl will have more premarital sex with each other cuz now thats not wrong d and now unplanned pregnancies. -.- la the government but dam cool also cuz if ur bf ask u can say i report you. HAHAHAHA.

anyways to guy oral and anal sex is disgusting. if u can imagine tasting ur own penis and think its nice then only ask ur gf to buat. :P

S.H.I.N.G said...

X: haha, yea I agree your sick. hahah.. I hope your partner is warned now.. hahah..

Baby: It's weird calling someone else baby but wad to do haha... you mean u dont do blowjobs? Good for u girl(or dude)! =D

LC: haha.. this is not a new rulling la babe, its an old old british rule which recently was brought up thanks to the Chua Soi Lek case thing. =p BTW, british already abolish this rule yea. =p


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