21 February 2009


After two months away from college, returning here is like going to a strange place, starting college all over again.

Everything looked different, the people are not the same anymore, and even the place seems a little strange. However, despite all the changes, some never change in anyway or what so ever. I know I might sound a little biased here, but hey, this is still my thoughts, after all.

I thought, when I come back, at the very least I can feel a little more like home, but guess I was wrong. Some people will never change, in the sense of attitude. I could not believe that I being myself, sitting at a corner minding my own business will also get myself a scolding. Wow, what a homey feeling.

IACT today, made a big mistake, for their first time ever large scale open day. No, I don’t mean them trying their hardest to push me away, scold me and made me feel like I rather work forever and not go back to college even though working is hard and stressful at times… I think I speak for the whole IACT student group who does not include those who are doing work, of course.

IACT seems to have forgotten the most important element for the college - the students, and intern or not, we still belong to IACT and we are always a part of it. I have always been proud of IACT, and proud being one of it, but today, it only further proven my point of some of the people here sometimes, well, are not as nice as they seem. Some, I assume they know who they are, will only be nice to those who will bring them income, or any form of assistance, for those who doesn’t, just don’t worth a single cent to them.

I guess I finally knew why some of the seniors refuse to come back to college on weekends, and those who once talked bad about IACT, I think IACT have proven those people right.

I'm sorry IACT. Guess your JUST another college.


X said...

couldnt help but wonder that your situation is just the same as mine.heh.
Anyway kinda feel sorry for you too..
but cheer up kay? =p

kim-chan said...

I understand how you feel...yeah. I can say actually they care for income wise though...or as long as you bring benefits to them.

Before my new semester 3 begins...they called me and asked "do you want to continue to study?" =_=...BECAUSE of me, who said "maybe i will quit-" statement during previous semester..


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