16 February 2009

My Valentines.

My initial plan for Vday eve & vday:

Vday Eve
- rush back from work to KJ and pray that Wondermilk is open so I can get cuppycakes fo my bestie for vday while getting Jc's pressie from her! Because Im sure she won't expect anything from me! *evil laugh* she is going to be so surprised!

- Get Jc to pick me from KJ and rush to Wondermilk and pray that they are still open and still got cuppycakes because they don't take orders anymore so I can't order and I had to buy the ready made once. *sigh*

- Pass the cuppycakes to sher n see her surprise face!

- Let Jc do all the planning because I want a special Vday because it's our first vday tgt. (gosh i hope he rmbrs to book the movie tickets) *prays that he brings me to ikea because I craved for their ice cream*

P/s: the above are the "initial plans", so what actually happened?




Vday eve
- Rushed back from work and only arrived at KJ at 7.20pm

- Jc picked me up from KJ at 730 and we arrive at wondermilk at 8. *owh gosh, I can't tell u how anxious i was praying that wondermilk is still open cuz i forgot was it nine or eight they close*

- Got to wondermilk, they haven't close yet. But they ran outta cupacakes! owh no! I have to go get them on Sat first thing in the morning and sherree have class! *dilemma* *frustrated no. 1*

- reach sher's house and collected Jc's pressie (she was helping me with some super important details cz I didnt have time, wad m i going to do without my bestie!), sherree looks upset..She must be really busy with her work.. owh no I wish i had the cupcakes! =(

- reach Jc's house and talked to the maid and bro about car arrangement and realised the bro wants the car the whole day! and didnt want to share at all.. as in don't want to send us anywhere at all! *frustrated no.2*

- More discussions, and found out Mr Jc DID NOT plan anything for vday! owh no! there goes my vday! *starts planning in my head* *frustrated no.3*

- Woke up at 7.30am to finish up Jc's pressie, it's a little scrapbook that have our pictures and some writing on it.. =) *damn sleepy ok*

- Jc overslept and only picked me up at 11. *owh no wad if wondermilk got no more cupcakes again?*

- Jc got me flowers! I never had flowers before.. until today! =)

- Went to wondermilk and thank god they still have cupcakes, but only six boxes left! =( and then it was 12 (jc's bro DEMANDED to have to car by 1pm)

- Rushed to Sher's house n drop the cuppacakes to her dad. hope she is still surprise! =)

- Had to rush home and abandon the plan to go shopping to baking stuff because it's almost 1pm. *Owh we decided to just stay home and bake LA cuz got no car and didnt want to mafan the dad to send us around*

- Reach home and only to find the bro only leaves at 2.30. Cilaka punya budak! thank goodness Jc's maid have flour and butter at home.

- Sherree called and told me she was surprised! *yay! she put a big smile on my face to know tht she is happy!*

- Baked with Jc and finished only two hours later because we were playing with flour.. =p and he was busy eating off the egg beater. the cookies came out fine (ok la abit overbaked la). Jc finished them in less then 10 mins. -.-"

- went dinner in Pyramid, Jc's dad sent us there and picked us up.. I felt so bad because he had to go tru the traffic jam and all.. But on the other hand I was glad cz we didnt have car n no need to go round and round looking for parking. =p

Well, end of the story, although it was not like what I planned, but everything turned out fine n I had a great day!
Supposedly Jc bring me out for movie on Sunday bcause I didnt get to watch it on Vday (everything was fully booked on vday).
However, we changed our plan due to "unforesee circumstances" and continue baking. It was so fun baking with Jc we decided to make every sunday our baking day! =)

P/s: Jc finally got me a ring, its so sweet of him going around OU just to look for the ring I said I like, but he failed to find it la of cuz OU so big ok. but the one i got now is nice too..

Will add the pictures later. soon. =p

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