6 February 2009

My updates.

Random statements,because it's a random day today. =)

- I find myself not being very helpful in the office because of my poor command on english. Apologies to my colleagues.

- Guys that wears V-neck looks awfully gay. Yes that includes you too JC dear.

- Perak situation is really exciting. Shame on those of you who have absolutely no idea what is going on.

- All youth who see themselves as Malaysian should know about politics, like it or not, politics affects us.

- Yes I do realise myself sounding extremely mature, boring as it may sound, I like myself better now. At least I am proud to call myself a part of Malaysia.

- I am falling in love with the life of journalism. (as stated in my FB status)

- I can translate Chinese news better now compare to one month ago.

- I processed a press statement today, I don't particularly like it as now the focus is on Perak, but I don't dislike it. It's part of my job now. =) No, it's not that hard.

- I know the "right" way to write a press release now, IF you want them to be published. (but perhaps I'm wrong as I work in a politic-based news site)

- I can talk to Myoe about politics now. *laughs* and I have finally come to realise his intention of brainwashing us to know about politics is good.

- My laptop is still in bad condition - it dies everytime I move it. (note* again, don't buy compaq presario v3000 series)

- no karyan I have not check the laptop yet, I'm so sorry girl. Will do it real soon alright?

- i'd like to be in Perak now, despite the mess and chaos.

- I miss my friends alot now that I'm "working". Yes Sherree dear, I especially miss you. =)

- As of now (4.44pm, Feb 6, 2009), Pangkor state assemblyperson Dr Zambry Abd Kadir has taken his oath to be the new MB of Perak.

- Carl's Jr and sushi is in my mind now, beside trying to get more work in the office.

- RPK is the founder of malaysiatoday, not "kini". FYI.

- It's raining now in Bangsar. I know because I work here.

- I can't wait to go to sushi buffet next weekend, and I hope Gabriel's suggestion to Umaiya comes true.

- Currently quite free in the office, hence the blogging.

Well, this is the end of listing down my messy thoughts, but I'm sure this will happen alot more, now that I'm too lazy to think of a proper essay-like blog post.

Shingyee Koh

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