24 November 2008

So, helping me or not?

Alright, I give up trying to put up that super long post I said.
Stupid blogspot. =(

The mum refuses to invest some money on me so I can go learn and improve my english, so I guess I'll just have to do it myself la..
So, I shall write a feature every week by Sunday and I will post it up. *but probly will need to be slightly later this week as this is also another pack week fo me, hehe*

Well, I can't improve without you people helping me right?
So I wana know if I really do that will you all leave your comment and tell me about what you think?


I mean, I can only improve if YOU help me out, rite?

Well, let me know if I'm going have your help. =D

Thanks peeps. =)


LexieCharalle said...

1st stop typing in SMS format. it will seriously help you and gives a diff tone and manner to ur whole post/ feature/etc etc. just an opinion. :)

LexieCharalle said...

oh and double check you post when ur done its better. oh yea i do use LA in my post but if u realise its always in upper case to differentiate. just another opinion. :) but i know u dun use LA in ur post.


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