10 June 2008

Summer? *splash*

Here is the blog post I’ve promised to post. It’s about Roxy Summer Splash 2008.

Well, I was a big fan of Seventeen Magazine and always attended their summer splash the previous years. Sadly this year it was a huge disappointment and I was really glad that I did not go in. This year’s summer splash was badly organised and so much problems had occur during that day itself. If any press going to say that it was a blast, don’t! I mean never! Buy that magazine / paper anymore. Fake news.

What happened was, that my best friend and I with JC went to pyramid on that day for the event, we arrived around 11+ and already heard from a friend that the crowd was crazily a lot, but we thought it was fine la, cause free stuff ma; sure everyone wants to go one le. But when we reach the pathway between lagoon resort and pyramid tower, the view was scarily horrible, what ever that mean. I mean I never expected such big crowd so early in the morning as the event only starts at 1 pm, and we were there like 11.20 a.m. So we decided to come back later, like around 2 pm, assuming that the crowd would be lesser as it is consider pretty late already, but when we went out of pyramid and step foot at the car park… My goodness, I swear you’ll never see this many heads gathering together in your entire life. Well, I don’t think I need to explain further about the crowd as the pictures below will tell its story, but let me tell u some stuff where you might not hear or see from other place/ press.

During the period I was there watching the whole people = sardine scenario, which is a short time around half an hour, a few girls fainted and got carried to I-don’t-know- where, but should be the medic or something la, common sense. Then the crowd had attempt to force their way in for at least four times between that short 30 minutes time, I wonder how many attempt they really did through out the whole time waiting.


There, let the pics do the talking.

- a girl fainted and got carry out

- desperate people trying to sneak in the event

- people forcing their way in

- have you seen this much heads before?

- this malay aunty oso want to sneak in

- the q is that long

- another Q at the other side at the escalator, which is also not moving

- more kepala

Well, in short, Roxy Summer Splash 2008 is a badly organised event with no proper planning and was a great disappointmet. and the second day newspaper reported that all the lockers was broken into and the everything got stolen, the police found a few abandon handbags in sunway pyramid's toilet. the worst part is that around 50 bikes got burnt and the whole car park of sunway pyramid was covered in thick black smoke.

Wow, Im glad I already left that place then.

I have more pictures but its so mafan when u need to upload them to here. I recorded videos too, but I don't know how to post it up here, so maybe later... =D

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