7 June 2008


I was planning to post a new post regarding the summer splash today which turned out to be a very very huge disaster, but well, then i got time and did a little bit of thinking and browsing, so now i decide to post this 1st before i put those PEOPLE = SARDIN pictures up. got video summo. haha.

now, back to the post.

Lately, if u've read my blog you should have known that how we were all bombared with loads and loads of work.
I must admit, that I'm not a good temper manager as my temper gets very very bad when I'm stress.


must start changing d. =p

here is a public apology to EVERYONE i know and not know.
because you knw ar, this wan ar, I got very bad temper ma, so hor, I think I did like ter-scold some people without even knowing what i said and all.


Then hor, I also acted abit bitchy la to my friends and teammate, cuz hor, i wan to have good end product ma.=D ok la... i was acting very bitchy le. sorry mates!!! I DON'T MEAN IT TOO!!!

fuh, finally, all the guilt, I finally let them out. Dont worry people, I PROMISE to change! PROMISE!!
Promise to try changing. =D

p/s: wait for the summer splash pictures, i like!!! hahahaha

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