11 March 2008

When I Die...

Im feeling extremely bored, so i came up with this post.. =)

When i die...

I want to be dress in my favorite black dress so i look pretty and hot
I want to wear my favorite high heels so i dont look so short in the coffin.
I want to have make-ups on so i dont look pale and dead, but just light makeups cuz heavy make- up is not my thing.
I want to have my favorite necklace and acessories on so it matchs my dress and heels.
I want my nails to be clean and nice without nail polish, bcuz they say when u die nail polish wont come off.
I want my hair to be long and nicely comb so that I wont look like some scary ghost in the movie.
I want to wear my contact lens so i can see without my glasses.

When i die...

I want all my friends that come to "visit" me wear white, because they cant wear red and i dont like black bcuz it look so dead for funerals.
I want all my family members to wear blue so that i can see them even without my glasses on.
I want all my friends bring me a flower bcuz it look nicer than joysticks and i never got flower before
I want all my friends not to put make up so that i look prettier than them for one last time.
I want all my friends to get a muffin each instead of some lousy candy so that they can remember me baking for them.
I want my friends to sponsor a little bit of money with any amount bcuz funerals are expensive.

When i die...

I dont want any of them to cry bcuz it'll make me sad
I dont want them to laugh either bcuz i will feel like they dont miss me...
I dont want people to see me before I am nicely dress and make-up

When i die...
I want to be cremated bcuz I dont want to be eaten by the worms and ants.
I want my ashes to be burried bcuz i dowan to stay at a little corner where no one notice me.
I want to be burried with my heels.
but if i cant have a place to be burried bcuz the land is too expensive for my parents to pay then I want my ashes to be place at a temple so i am closer to Buddha.

When i die...
I want Sherree to have anything from my room that she likes
I want all my cloths and books donated to the orphanage
I want all my money given to my dad.
I want my room to stay as it is bcuz i love my room
I want all my organ donated bcuz i am a donor.

If i cant get any of those above, at least grant me the last, so more people can live.

*im not commiting suicide so dont worry my friends*

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