10 January 2008

so weird ler..

college life. weird.
im not as happy as before, i dont smile tht much anymore.
i think im not the only one, i think college life reali can change one person.
so weird.
for example, Nilu, she used to be to funny, loud girl in class. but sumhow, she seem so down lately, so quiet. Janette, the "tai kah cheh" in the class, sudenly just dont seem so "tai ka cheh"-ish anymore. Kenneth, used to be this quiet, serious gentleman, but now, he seems to be very loud, and funny, mean at times(the funny way of cuz).
guess college life make people change. or is this just a process all of us have to go tru before we grow up?if it is, then i wish tht i will never grow up, because going tru this process makes me lose part of me bit by bit. *sigh* how i wish there is a neverland, so i will not have to grow up.
college life. so weird.
gosh i need to stop this. i need to find myself again.
or not i'll be suffering. again.

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