25 December 2007


you might be wondering, what happen between us? why am i so pissed off with u?
why do i act like you dont exist when i see u?
all this questions..gosh..sometimes even i start wondering why..
then i remembered..
you might not know, but a promise means everything to me.
Promises are important to me, if you cant do it, dont promise.
well, screw other promises that u made when you were so in love with me..
the one that meant most to me, is the last promise you made, do you remember?
this is the way i handle things, wen i say this, i meant it.

i hate it when she tells me she was pissed of wen i said you ruin our frenship.
that moment, i felt like going to you and cut you into pieces.
you kno how much she meant to me.
but you never care.
all you care is "she is my fren too, im just telling her how i felt."
she is my BESTFREN!! do you expect her not to tell me things? noo..

i kno if you see this, you're gona tell her again.
go ahead. i dont care anymore.
you can keep hurting me, bcuz im too hurt too feel anything anymore.
just for you infomation, thanks to you, sumhow theres a gap between me and her.
you know how much i hated that?
everytime i tried to ignore it, telling myself that im thinking too much. but i cant lie to myself.
it all started becuz of you. makes me cry everytime i think about this.
damn, how i wish i could hate you. i kept telling myself that u suck, i hate u..
but i dont. i dont hate people..
im not mad at you anymore, thats why i posted this.
but there's a diff between not mad and forgive.
i havent forgive you yet. i wont. for now.

btw, i read your blog. finally after all this while you've been telling me about it.

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